Whether you are looking for extra support in your business or personal endeavors, M Creative Co. aspires to provide outstanding service and an individualized approach to each of our clients.

All of our services start at $25/hour.

Community Engagement

M Creative Co. offers several services focused on community engagement.

Community Manager

Event creation, group management, internal and external communication, newsletter management, and more go into this service.

Blog Manager

Blogs are a superb channel for connection and content creation. We can handle the administrative and copywriting that matches the voice behind the brand.

Social Media Manager

Everyone is on social media and your brand should be, too. From content planning and creation to marketing, M Creative Co. works with you to create the online presence you envision.


We will work with you to deliver the right message at the right time to the right people.

Inbound Methodology

Connecting your brand with the right audience by tailoring experiences to them makes a big impact on your reach and customer satisfaction.


We can partner with you to ensure you and your team are focused on the right goals and reaching for them the right way.

Digital & Event Marketing

Email, content, video, SEO, blog, social media, event and affiliate marketing work together to deliver a cohesive and specific message to your audience.

Design and General Administrative

Brands can greatly benefit from design and general administrative tasks that are personalized to fit your particular scenario.


Behind every great brand is a design that showcases who your brand is. We help you brainstorm the vision for your brand and deliver designs that are sure to impress.

General Assistant

From emails to website management, calendar and customer support, the possibilities are endless.

. . . and More

A lot of work goes into maintaining a brand. If you have a service in mind we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

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